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Current Restoration Project SMLE 1916
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My newest purchase came form AIM.  It is a BSA Sht LE MkIII* dated 1916.  When I first recieved it I noticed that the Front barrel band was a Lithgow and that the nose cap was from a No2 Ishapore.  The pictures below are taken when I recieved the rifle.



Upon Disassembly the history of this rifle came apparent to me.  It looks like the rifle although made in England did not spend much time there as all of the ownership marks are Austrailian.  There are Austrailian Proof marks and Inspection marks.  The rifle then went through a FTR in July of 1951.  Most of the small parts are Aussie (front sight, trigger, sear ect.).  Then sometime after that she must have gone to India for it has the No 2 nose cap and an Ishy screw.  It also appears that most of the wood was replaced in india as it has the dark red hue so common to Indian stocks.  From the damage to the Butt stock I have to assume it spent time as a drill or cadet rifle, because the toe and heel have been replaced and the toe has a repair on top of an older repair.

9/18/05 Ok so there has been a slight snag in the restoration process.  I ordered a new No 1 stock from AIM.  What I got was a No 2 stock so the buttstock hardware of course will not work.  So I have ordered another one with the hope that I get the right one this time.
10/10/05 update got a call from AIM they are out of No 1 stock sets all they have left are No 2 sets.  So back to the search, I have posted a request on Gunboards for a stock set, lets see where that takes me.

11/2/05  Well finally I am done.  I replaced the nose cap with the proper type, and found a nice stock still with an Ishy screw.  I decided to use one with an Ishy screw because it is part of this rifles history so it does belong there.  Below are pictures of the rifle over all and so close-ups of the action. 

Sht LE III* 1916
Picture from authors collection.

1916 Action
Picture from the authors collection.

1916 SMLE Nose Cap
Picture from the authors collection.

Now, to find my next project, wish me luck.