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Enfield King
My Collection
British .303 Rifle Bayonets
.303 British Service Cartridge
.303 Headstamp Cartridge Identification
.303 Headstamp Manufacturer Detail
Current Restoration Project SMLE 1916
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My Collection
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Grandad Shawcross

This is only part of my collection. What you see below is my at work portion, it contains the better examples of rifles.  I do this because I can show it off more.  This first picture contains my favorites of the basic Types.  Top to Bottom Enfield ShtLE III 1914, B.S.A. No I Mk III* 1916, Lithgow No I Mk III* 1922, Lithgow No 1 MK III* 1942, Ishapore 1918/1931 No 1 MK III* .410, Eddystone No 3 Mk I*(P-14) 1917, Fazakerely No 4 Mk I 1943, Savage No 4 MK I * 1943, Long Branch No 4 Mk I* 1943 w/Grenade Launcher, No 5 Fazakerely 1/1945.

Picture from the authors collection.

Here are some of my second line and foreign arms, including No 1 and 4 Enfields, Russian Capture German Mauser and Soviet Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine.


This is what I like to call my healthy work environment.  My boss is a collector as well so he tolerates and sometimes encourages this behavior.


An assortment of No 4 Bayonets and an Enfield No2 Mk I* Pistol