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Grandad Shawcross

Grandad Thomas Shawcross (actually my Great Grandfather) was born in Stockport Cheshire before the turn of the century.  During the great war he served with the 22nd Division 12th Battalion Chesire Regiment From Sept of 1914 through the remainder of the war.  He served as an officers aid and as you can see from the pictures he used the perks of the position to impress the people back home (holding the swagger stick and sitting on the horse both trappings of an officer).  He spent the majority of the war on the Serbian Front.  Unfortunatley the only items I have from this time of his life are two medals The British War Medal and 1914-1915 Star, these two pictures and his letter of recomentation from his commanding officer written at the time of his discharge.  I am currently researching the activities of his unit and will post the info as I get it, and you have information about this units activites please feel free to sent it to me and I will post and give credit for the information.