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Bank & Surf Fishing
Surf Fishing Basics
Bank Fishing Basics
Fishing by Species (Freshwater)
Surf Fishing Basics
Fishing by Species (Saltwater)
Fishing Tips
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This page is here to give basic fishing information to those with little or no fishing experience. If you are an experienced angler than you will probably not gain much from this information. Once these basics are understood the next step is to fish, fish and fish some more. The only real way to gain experience is by doing, reading is good but is just inforformation taking up space inyour brain if you never use it.

The following will cover basic information on the various types of equipment, tackle and skills that will be used. If you have already read through the bank fishing basic section skip to the location portion of this primer as there is alot fo duplication.  Once you learn what you need and how to use it we strongly encourage you to GO FISHING.


Equipment (Surf)

Fishing Methods (Surf)

Catching Fish (Surf)


Fish Physiology 101

Environmental Conditions (Surf)

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