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True (Temperate) Bass

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HYBRID STRIPED BASS (Morone x saxatilis chrysops)

Description: Seven or eight black stripes, broken and above the lateral line. Dark back almost black with silverey sides and white belly. Body depth similar to white bass. The tongue has two tooth patches. The second anal spine 2/3 or more the length of the third anal spine. Can get up to 20lbs but typically found in the 1 to 10 lb range.

Habitat: Produced in hatcheries and stacked in lakes and reservoirs. Prefers open waters.

Tips: Jigs and crank baits, live shad, live shrimp and cut bait. Trolling and cast to schooling fish.

Range: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN

STRIPED BASS (Morone saxatilis)

Description: Seven or eight heavy and distinct black stripes run the length of the slender body. The second anal spine is the length or less of the third anal spine. There are two tooth patches on the tongue. Can get up to 80 lbs most are 5 to 25 lbs.

Habitat: Migrates from sea up inland estuaries and sounds for spawning. In its southern range they will live in coastal rivers in or near estuaries and seek upstream cool water reuges during the summer. In open waters usually found in schools. Spawns during spring in flowing 55-67 degree water. The semi-buoyant eggs require many miles of flowing water for egg development and maturation.

Tips: Large green or white jigs or minnows, shad and trout. In the fall look for schools feeding near the surface, watch for seagulls diving on bait fish. Fish live shrimp or mullet in coastal river estuaries.

Range: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX

WHITE BASS (Morone chrysops)

Description: Silvery fish with several faint horizontal stripes on the sides. Two dorsal fins are only slightly seperated. The second anal spine 2/3 or more the length of third anal spine. One tooth patch on the tongue. Although they can get up to 5 lbs to 2 lbs are typical.

Habitat: Large streams, rivers and lakes. They travel in schools. During spawning, when water temperature reaches 53-64 degrees, they move upstream into tributaries, especially headwaters, and onto wind swept sand and gravel areas in lakes.

Tips: Troll small plugs and spinners. Jigs and minnows are effective in lake arms and tributaries.

Range: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX

YELLOW BASS (Morone mississippiensis)

Description: Distinct yellow color with dark, broken horizontal stripes with two dorsal fins are slightly connected. Second and third anal spines heavy and equal in length. No tooth patch on tongue. Rarely exceeds 1 lb.

Habitat: Large streams, rivers, and lakes. Spawns when water reaches 55-60 degrees, over gravel bars or rocky shoals in tributary streams.

Tips: Most live bait or artificial lures.

Range: AL, AR, GA, KY, LA, MS, TN, TX

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