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Bank & Surf Fishing
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When fishing near the surface or a mid depth, tie on either a hook and bait or a small jig and bait. Then add a split shot about a 6" to a foot above that, followed by a bobber 12" to 24" above the hook(or higher depending on depth set the bobber at the depth you want to fish). Cast out your line and wait for a fish to take it.


When fishing on the bottom use a barrel, slide, oval or egg sinker. Slide the weight up the line followed by a small bead and then a barrel swivel. On the other side of the swivel add your leader and hook. Then add your bait, cast out and wait. I move the bait every minute or so, but the frequency is up to you and fishing conditions. Note: If you want to float your bait just off the bottom you can add a small marshmallow to the hook.


You can use a jig by itself or with a worm(plastic or real) or other sweetener. Jigs are designed to be fished on or near the bottom which is where most fish feed. To jig cast your jig past where you believe the fish are. Then retrieve it using a series of short or long hops or jumps or you can swim it back. Using a jig takes a lot of practice, and don’t expect to catch too many fish when you first start working with it, but be patient it will pay off eventually.


Most artificial lures and some natural baits are cast then retrieved. You determine how slow or fast you retrieve the lure along with the depth and where you want it to be. To cast an lure, first grasp the rod with your casting hand. For spinning reels, the reel is held below the rod, hold your casting hand index finger over the line and with your other hand open the bail. For a spincast reel, hold the thumb stop down with your casting hand thumb. Next lift the rod by just bending your elbow and wrist. Then bring the rod tip back, just over the tip of your head, “loading the rod”. Next stop the rod tip when it is fully loaded and without hesitating start the forward motion of the cast with a smooth snap of your forearm and wrist. Release you finger or thumb and follow through by lowering the rod tip to follow the flight of the lure.


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Fishing Methods (Surf)

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